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Monday 27th April - Friday 1st May

The Y5 Talk4Writing Booklet - will be your English work for the next couple of weeks. 

In your DAILY emails on purple mash you will be guided, as to what parts of the booklet to complete and how to do this. 

Some parts can be done through purple mash - I will set 2do's when this is appropriate and others can be completed directly into your green exercise book that was given to you. 


If you have any questions about your work, as always, email me through purple mash or your parents/carer can email me on

The addition and subtraction booklet is what you will be using to guide your learning over the next few weeks. 

Again, I will send a DAILY email through purple mash, explaining what parts you will need to do that day and where and how to complete them. 


At 3:00p.m each day I will put the answers for the days sections on here so that you are able to go through your work and check any misconceptions. 


As always, please email on purple mash if you need any help or parents/carer can contact me on


This week we are continuing the story of Moses.  Watch the video on this link to see what happened next:

Make sure you watch the video link before trying the 2do activity that I have set on Purple Mash.  On it you need to sort the statements into what the Pharaoh thought or did, or what Moses thought or did.



Last week we explored some of the Impressionist techniques for mark making. This week we are focusing on one particular artist.  Have a go at the video tutorial then apply this to a still life picture.  You can use felt tips, paint is optional. The PDF with instructions is attached.