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Monday 27th April 2020

Good Morning!

Welcome to a new week smiley


This week we will be studying Traditional Tales. These are stories that have been told to generations for a long time and have been passed down through families, and that are still very popular today. You probably know lots of them through Disney. Examples could be Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood. However, there are some that are perhaps not as well known and have their roots in different countries. For example, these traditional tales can be found on the Oxford Owl website (use your year 2 logins) Rumpelstiltskin (Germany), East of the Sun, West of the Moon (Norway) and Finn Macool (Ireland and Scotland).


For those of you interested in the Finn Macool story you can take a virtual tour of the giant's causeway which features in the tale.


English - Choose a traditional tale, read it and then think about the main 5 parts of a story (introduction -characters and setting description, build-up - hint of a problem, problem, resolution - how is the problem solved and then the ending - what happens to the characters at the end and how do they feel). Use the sheet below or your English books and write down details of the five parts of your chosen traditional tale. Then write down examples of the language features that are used e.g. what adjectives, adverbs, time words, conjunctions, tense, time words and exciting verbs you can find in your story. If you would like to, you could also record this on a 2write from purple mash and hand it in for me to see.

Guided Reading - from Oxford Owl website

These are the books for you to read this week and then answer questions about, which are set as 2dos on purple mash.

Kingfisher Exclamation marks and Woodpecker Speech marks - pages 14 - 25 of 'A Life in the Sky'

Kingfisher Speech marks and Woodpecker Exclamation marks - pages 14 - 25 of 'Tasty Travels'

Kingfisher Full stops and Woodpecker Capital letters - 'Dad, can you do this?'

Kingfisher Commas and Woodpecker Full stops - 'Perfect Pets'

Kingfisher Question marks and Woodpecker Commas - pages 1-13 'Escape of the Giant Chicken'


As I know you enjoy the books on purple mash there is also the continuing story of Anna and the Third Leaf with some activities as well.


Below are some handwriting and grammar activity sheets for you to try if you would like to. 


Maths online game to try You will need to work out the answer to the calculation and post it into the correct post box.

Maths-  In Maths this week we will be focusing on addition and subtraction and their inverse relationship .  Today I would like you practice your addition using partitioning or using your tens and units. Eg: 23 +15=38

20+10= 30

 3+5 =8 


Use the sheets attached for your groups. It would be lovely if you could send in examples of your maths work either to purple mash accounts or to the year 2 email. Also have a go at adding 10s to different numbers. Think about what happens when you add 10. What happens to the tens? Does anything happen to the units? 

History- Have a look at the history project to find out a number of activities that you can complete over the next few weeks. Take one of the activities and complete it. Do send in photos of completed work as we love to see it.