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Monday 23rd March 2020

Monday 23rd March 2020

Please find below some of the activities we would have been doing if we were in school.


I would like you to research and make notes about healthy living. Your research should cover the sub-headings that are on the research sheet below. You should initially make notes and then once all sections are completed use them to write full sentences under each subheading. The information you collect and present can be a leaflet, a report, even a powerpoint presentation! If you choose to write a report this can be written into your English books. Don't forget to use the key structural features that we have used in class (Title, hook, sub-heading, facts, sub-heading, facts, sub-heading, facts, sub-heading, facts, final paragraph to sum up and then include some pictures and captions). I have added below some information power points and leaflet templates that you could use to support your research and notes.


Please take the time to complete the arithmetic quiz in your home learning packs. Work through the questions carefully remembering the methods we use to solve these types of calculations. For addition use tens and units, for subtraction use finding the difference on a number line, for multiplication use grouping dots or your counting patterns, for division use a number line and say how many ? are in ? (12 divided by 4 would be how many 4's are in 12), for fractions also use division (half of 16 would be 16 divided by 2). You can always drop me an email on purple mash to tell me your score.

Spellings and maths test.

You should continue to practise your spellings every week and if an adult has time they could test you on them and your maths for the week. Let me know your scores on email.

Guided Reading

This week I would like you to play this money game on topmarks . This should give you a chance to add money and also work out change. Remember to read regularly at home and mark on your sheets in your home learning packs which books you have read.


I would like you to think about what we need food for. How does food help our bodies? What food groups help our bodies do certain things. How do we feel when we are hungry? Perhaps you feel shaky or grumpy or tired? How do you feel when you have had a healthy lunch? Perhaps you feel energised (full of energy), wide awake, better focussed? Draw 2 pictures in your English books, one of someone who is hungry and tell me how they might be feeling and one of someone who has had a good meal and tell me how they are feeling. Think about what these people could be doing in their pictures which shows me how they are feeling. Then underneath your pictures write sentences to tell me how you could persuade someone to eat healthily. For example you need calcium from milk and dairy products to help you grow healthy teeth and bones. This links really nicely with our English work this week so use the information and research from that to help you with this task.

Good Luck!