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St John's Church of England Primary

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Monday 22nd June - Friday 26th June

This week you are able to explore and find your preferred platform further. Make sure you are doing ONE maths and ONE English activity a day but it can be across any of the platforms that you prefer.


The Year 5 Activity Booklet (PDF Doc) - If you have the facilities to print this, then do. If not, don't worry, complete the questions into your green exercise book. 
It is up to you how much you complete each day. 
The English activities in the booklet start on page 21. 


The BBC Bitesize website - Just like the oak academy website, they have daily lessons on here. Complete any activities into your green exercise book. 


The Oak Academy website - Complete as you have been doing, into your green exercise book. 



I hope you are all doing well and have become independent in your learning. 


This week we are going to learn a story from Hinduism; the story of Rama and Sita.  Go to this link:  If it doesn’t load straight away, you may need to enable flash to make it work by clicking on an exclamation mark and where it says ‘flash’ clicking ‘enable’.  There are lots of activities, this week you only need to do the first three boxes- The story, Diwali today and the Question game.  Next week we will look at the Think and Discuss section.




We are continuing to learn French vocabulary with this website that says the words, shows pictures and has lots of games to help you remember the vocabulary. Use this link:


This week, when you get onto the page above under categories click on ‘Food’ then try the options fruit and vegetables. You have learnt about food in French earlier in the year.   If it is easy for you, you can also try the other three options.  Go through the full tutorial or you will not know how to play the games.  The ‘en’ button reveals the phrase in English.