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Monday 22nd June 2020

Maths - This week we are going to continue our exploration of multiplication and division. Today we are going to concentrate on the 10 times table. You should be really good at this! Watch the video and then complete the PDF document below.    

English-  Today we are going to recap noun phrases and then think about how to extend them using powerful verbs and adjectives. Have a look at the swan picture and write down adjectives and phrases that you could use to describe the swan. Then in more detail look at each part of the swan and write down powerful expanded noun phrases to describe the swan in more detail. Then using the poem 'The swan' highlight nouns and adjectives using different colours. If you have some more time cut out the pictures of the different birds and write a few phrases to describe each of them. E.g  The glossy blackbird has a sharp yellow beak and black piercing eyes. 

*Try to use some new, exciting adjectives that you have not used before in your writing. 

Guided Reading - from Oxford Owl website

This week we would like you to choose your own book to read from Oxford Owl. The Oxford Owl books are colour coded so choose a book from the following colours.

Kingfisher Exclamation marks and Woodpecker Speech marks - White 

Kingfisher Speech marks and Woodpecker Exclamation marks - Lime

Kingfisher Full stops and Woodpecker Capital letters - Red or Yellow

Kingfisher Commas and Woodpecker Full stops - Orange 

Kingfisher Question marks and Woodpecker Commas -  purple


We would like you to design a front cover to go with the book you have read. 


I have also included a comprehension sheet for you to have a go at. Write your answers to questions in your book or on the sheet. 


In English this week we are also doing a lesson on prepositions so I have also included some activities to practice using prepositional language. 


The story on purple mash this week is all about Anna and Sports Day and there are the usual quizzes set for you to complete. I have added a PDF below which supports the text and gives some comprehension questions and other punctuation tasks. 


Geography- Have another look at the Geography project and have a go at completing one of the weeks activities.