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Monday 20th April 2020

Good morning! Welcome back to the start of our summer term together. 

I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter holiday enjoying the sunshine and time with your families.  This term we have so many exciting and fun things to learn . I know so many of you have been working hard over the last few weeks getting used to this new way of learning. I am so glad that you are all safe and well and it was a delight to speak to so many of you on the phone. Do continue to make the most of this time at home.  We love seeing photos or videos of your work and we would love more of you to share your work on our class blogs.  With this in mind a huge thank you to the parents who are doing brilliantly as 'supply teachers' and hopefully enjoying some of the shared activities that have been set.  If you have any problems do get in touch with us via the year 2 email and we are more than willing to help.


Today's activities are: 


Maths- Identify odd and even numbers by playing the odd and even game. Then place numbers correctly in the correct place on the odd and even grid. Remember to look at the last digit to identify whether it is odd or even. Perhaps you could do this practically with resources at home. After that investigate totals you can get when you multiply different combinations of odd and even numbers. For example what happens when you multiply an odd number with an even number? Use the learning objective sheets below to support your thinking and explain your answers. Use single digit odd and even numbers as this will help explain your answers.

English- Have a look at the examples of recounts written. Think about what features recounts contain. Then use the checklist to find all the examples of features you would find in a recount. Use colour pencils to underline each feature using the checklist to help you. 

Spelling Test- Use the purple mash spelling test to test yourself or get a parent to test you in your English book. 

Guided Reading- Read chapter 2 of Anna and the Third leaf on purple mash and then complete the quiz on purple mash. 

PSHE- Think about all the people that make you feel safe.Use the sheet attached to identify all the people that make you feel safe. Then read the scenarios and think about who you would need to tell and why.