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Monday 1st June 2020

Welcome back after your half term holiday. I hope you are all rested and well.


Maths - Over the week our learning will be based on statistics and data handling. Today we will start with a recap on knowledge which you have already been taught. We realise that it is now a long time since you were in school and wanted to refresh your memories. On purple mash we have created some 2do activities which we would like you to try but we have also attached a recap PDF which is attached below. Have fun!


English- Over the next 2 weeks we are going to be looking at the book 'Lost and Found'. Today we would like you to watch the clip and listen to the story. After watching and listening to this story we would like you to answer some comprehension questions to check that you have understood the story. While listening to the story think about all the different characters in the stories and the feelings they might have had.


Guided Reading - from Oxford Owl website

These are the books for you to read this week and then answer questions about, which are set as 2dos on purple mash or can be found as a PDF attachment below. Once you have opened the PDF you will just need to scroll down to find your book's questions. We know the 2write program is frustrating to use so if you want to, please just use the PDF's to make your lives easier!

Kingfisher Exclamation marks and Woodpecker Speech marks -Chapter 4 'Eric's Talking Ears '

Kingfisher Speech marks and Woodpecker Exclamation marks - Chapter 4  'Dick Whittington' 

Kingfisher Full stops and Woodpecker Capital letters - 'Can You See Me?'

Kingfisher Commas and Woodpecker Full stops - 'An Amazing Find'

Kingfisher Question marks and Woodpecker Commas -  pages 1 - 13   'Pick Your Queen '


There are also some more activities about demarcating sentences with the correct punctuation in the right place and a handwriting practice sheet as well. 


The story on purple mash this week is all about Anna and Sports Day and there are the usual quizzes set for you to complete. I have added a PDF below which supports the text and gives some comprehension questions and some work on using the past tense.


The game to try this week asks you to look at, understand and read data from bar charts. It requires flash so you may need to give permission for this to run first before the game appears on screen.


Geography- We have set you a geography project  for the summer term with different tasks. Have a look at the Geography project and choose a task to complete this week.