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St John's Church of England Primary

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Monday 1st June - Friday 5th June


Use the link above, find the lessons for the week beginning Monday 1st June. You must complete the maths and English lessons, the other lessons are optional for you to do. 

Follow the instructions for the lessons carefully, watch the videos and listen to the 'teachers' instructions. If they ask you to pause the video, do so, and complete the activities that have been explained. 


All this work is to be completed in your green exercise books smiley





This half term we will learn about Hinduism. Go to this website:  and read  ‘What is Hinduism?’ There is a matching activity and a quiz at the bottom to see what you have found out.  In the next few weeks we will be finding out more about Hinduism and what stories from Hinduism teach believers.




We can revise lots of French vocabulary with this fun website that says the words, shows pictures and has lots of games to help you remember the vocabulary. Use this link:


This week, when you get onto the page above, under categories click on ‘Time’. You have learnt about time in French earlier in the year.  Then click on the first option ‘Time- What time is it?’ Go through the full tutorial or you will not know how to play the games.  The ‘en’ button reveals the phrase in English.