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Monday 18th May - Friday 22nd May (MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK)

English for THE WEEK! 

During this global pandemic, we are completely aware of how difficult it can be to remain positive. It is so important for yours and your families mental health to find time for things that will support your mental health in a positive manner. 


This week we would like YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES to create a video. 


Watch the video in the link above. 

This women has created a video to share the things she is thankful for because of coronavirus. 


This week we would like you to create your own 'Thank you coronavirus' video. It is completely up to you how to complete this task. You will be set a 2do on Purple Mash to write your narrative for your video and then you will have the week to create the video. 

You can include as many people in your video as you like (safely!). We want you to be as CREATIVE as possible! 


To give you some ideas, Miss Yeowart and her friends have put together an example video for you! Use this to gather ideas for your own  smiley


Good Luck!! 


This week we are going to continue using video tutorials because this seemed to be really successful. This time, they will be from White Rose and will focus on decimal numbers. Each lesson has a video tutorial and a PDF activity sheet for you to complete. I have added the link that will take you to the Year 5 lessons. You will be told which lessons to complete in your daily email.



In Year 4 we learnt about Islam.  In this week’s RE task we are revisiting what we learnt.  I have set a 2do on Purple Mash which starts with a video reminding you about some of the rules Muslims follow.  Lots of religions have rules to follow to help make believers lives better.  On the 2do, explain what rules you think are important and make your life better.



I have really enjoyed seeing some people’s work on Pointillism.  This week I have set a 2do on 2 Paint a Pic. Select pointillism on the first option screen.  Your challenge is to try to recreate a famous pointillist picture (see attached pdf for one idea, or look one up yourself). You may need to make the paint brush tip smaller for detail.