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Monday 18th May 2020

Good Morning! and welcome to the last week of remote learning before the half term holiday. As it is a holiday next week we will not be setting any new activities for you to complete. We hope you and your families can enjoy a safe and restful week.


Remember this week is mental health week celebrating and learning about the power of sleep. Look for the activities on the main class page.


English - Today we would like you to choose a different text type, either information, narrative or poetry and complete a comprehension exercise using your chosen text. The sheets, which are below, have different levels and the answers so no peeking! One star is an easier challenge, 2 stars gives a medium challenge and 3 stars is a harder challenge so choose your sheet carefully. You can answer the questions in your English books. If you wish to complete more than one text type then of course you can!


Maths - This week we are going to be looking at time and remembering how to read the time to the nearest hour,half hour, quarter of an hour and to the nearest 5 minutes. We will also be looking at some time interval work. To start this week I would like you to look at intervals or lengths of time and comparing them. This will include looking at how many minutes are in a hour, how many hours are in a day and how many days are in a week. After that, I would like you to compare time intervals. Work your way through these sheets. The first sheet is the easier challenge and then as you scroll down they get harder. You can answer these questions either on the sheet or in your book. 


Guided Reading - from Oxford Owl website

These are the books for you to read this week and then answer questions about, which are set as 2dos on purple mash or can be found as an attachment below. 

Kingfisher Exclamation marks and Woodpecker Speech marks -Chapter 3 'Eric's Talking Ears '

Kingfisher Speech marks and Woodpecker Exclamation marks - Chapter 3  'Dick Whittington' 

Kingfisher Full stops and Woodpecker Capital letters - 'A bag of tricks'

Kingfisher Commas and Woodpecker Full stops - 'Blast Off'

Kingfisher Question marks and Woodpecker Commas -  pages 14-end   'Attack of the Centipede '


As I know many of you love reading I have also attached an extra comprehension for you to try with an online quiz. Do let me know how you get on.


Below is a handwriting sheet and a word search all about apostrophes for possession . These are words that that contain an apostrophe to show belonging. 


Maths online game to try is a time game. Have a go at reading the clock to the nearest hour,half hour, quarter of an hour and to the nearest 5 minutes. I have also attached some other board games and a bingo sheet so you can practice telling the time whilst also having lots of fun! 


History- Finish off any of the history pieces of work that you have not completed in the history project folder.