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Monday 13th July - Friday 17th July


This week you will be working through five activities to build upon the work of the following day so please complete them in order. Click on the PDF for the day that you are on, the first page will explain the day's activities to you and you need to complete the activities in your green exercise book or print off the templates. 

You only need to complete one PDF per day.


You will be working through the PDFs for Maths also this week. The first page of each PDF explains the day's activities to you. You will need to complete the PDFs in order and use the Powerpoints to help you on the relevant day. Please complete the activities in your green exercise books or print off the question sheets.

You only need to complete one PDF per day.


This week we will be finding out about the Hindu belief that life is a cycle of birth, death and rebirth, with our actions in this life, our “karma”, effecting our future incarnations.  First watch the video:


Draw a diagram to explain the Hindu belief about the cycle of life (like Vraj in the video).  Then below, write about what you think good karma means and what you like or dislike, agree with and disagree with, about Hindu ideas on life after this life.







We are continuing to learn French vocabulary with this website that says the words, shows pictures and has lots of games to help you remember the vocabulary. Use this link:


This week, when you get onto the page above under categories click on ‘Grammar’ then try the options ‘Grammar-Prepositions 1’ and ‘Grammar-Prepositions 2’. Go through the full tutorial or you will not know how to play the games.  The ‘en’ button reveals the phrase in English.