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Monday 11th May - Friday 15th May


Look at the title 'POG' complete the 'before reading' questions into your green exercise book. 

What do you think the story POG might be about? Why do you think this? 

Then, whilst reading, complete the 'during reading' activity into your green exercise book. 

Write a list of the names of each new character you meet in the Prologue. 

After reading the prologue and part 1. Complete the 'after reading' question into your green exercise book. 

Which character do you think is most important and why? 


Finally, I have set a 2do for you to complete the character description activity onto. Use the instructions at the end of the PDF document to guide your writing. We are looking for as much detail and descriptive language as possible! 



Read pages 1-3 of POG before you complete the reading questions into your green exercise book. 

On page 1:

What could POG smell?

Describe what POG saw sitting on the old stump.


On page 3: 

The word 'forbidden' is the closest meaning to:

a) legal        b) illegal        c) silent        d) ashamed

Find and copy one word that describes POG.


Finally, read the prologue of POG. I are to imagine that you are the girl in the prologue. I have set a 2do so that you can write an email to POG thanking him for helping you. Remember to include what you are thanking him for and how you felt when he helped you.


If you have any questions about your work, as always, email me through purple mash or your parents/carer can email me on

  • Maths:


    This week for maths,  you will be following continuing a series of lessons, all based on fractions from NCETM. The lessons are as follows; 

  • Lesson 7 Using families of fractions, explore the relationship between numerators and denominators including non-unit fractions
  • Lesson 8 Practise using both vertical and horizontal relationships in fractions to find missing numbers
  • Lesson 9 Further practice using examples for children to deepen and consolidate learning
  • Lesson 10 Revise the language of ‘factor’, ‘multiple’ and ‘common factor’
  • Lesson 11 Introduction to simplifying fractions, using fractions that can be simplified to unit fractions.
  • Below you'll find links to a YouTube playlist with these lesson videos and a Teacher Guidance document;


    Use the link to access youtube site and locate the lesson videos. Each video, will clearly explain, at the beginning, what you will need for each lesson. They will then go through what you need to know to cover the objectives and give you some activities to complete independently. All of the objectives above, we have covered in school. This is just a refresh and recap to keep those minds ticking. 



This week I would like you to research what Pointillism is.  

The website has lots of good information. Then complete the 2do I have set for you. Write about Pointillism and add your own Pointillist picture using the paint tool.



This week we are revisiting the Humanist point of view, which we learnt about in the first half of spring term.  First read and look at the slideshow about Humanism I have set as a 2do on Purple Mash.  Then try the quiz about Humanism, also set as a 2do.  Remember that humanists do have beliefs, but they do not believe in a God.