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At St John's our emphasis is on developing the child's understanding of Maths, they should not be forced to move on if it is not accessible for them to do so, we support children to make progression that is appropriate for each individual. Children's work is based on reasoning and problem solving, along with practical activities, to develop a sound, fluent knowledge of number and calculation, measurement, shape, data, money and time. We believe that this enables the children to be confident and enthusiastic learners. We encourage pupils to use mental methods, practical equipment and also jottings such as; number lines, counting sticks, bead strings and number squares, to support their understanding.

Maths update

What are the key changes in this new curriculum? It goes further than the previous curriculum. There is quite a lot of new content which, up until now, has been regarded as the province of Key Stage 3 maths. This includes long division at Year 6, and increasingly complex understanding of fractions and decimals. Practice is key! The aims state that it is imperative to keep key maths fundamentals, such as times tables and number bonds, "on the boil" through varied and repeated practice in order that children can solve progressively complex problems. There is a renewed emphasis on problem solving. There is a particular emphasis on multi-step problems and lots of emphasis on money, fractions and time.


We realise that many of the methods that are used will have changed since Parents and Carers were at school so we have a variety of Parent Maths Leaflets that show how calculation methods develop as pupils go through the school. As a child moves from one year group to another and one Key Stage to another it does not mean that they will move from one strategy to the next. If you would like any methods explained further, please do always feel free to speak to a member of staff.