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Kingfisher Class

Hi Kingfisher Class!


Welcome Back!


We hope you have had a wonderful summer break and feel ready to begin the new term ahead. It won't be quite back to normal, but we will make sure to keep all the children as safe as possible. Parents and carers can help by making sure the students have clean clothes every day and only bring into school the essentials that they need, like a water bottle and a packed lunch (if they have one).


Obviously all of the children have been away from school for a while, and the return may be trickier than normal. Please be assured that we will be taking things slowly to begin with and making sure the children have plenty of opportunities to discuss how they are feeling and any worries they might have. Our new behaviour policy will start immediately and we will make sure all the children are informed about the expectations of them and us, so we can work together to achieve a happy, calm working atmosphere. 


We also have an exciting new maths scheme, which we are following this year. Initially we will reviewing and revisiting some core concepts before moving on to other areas. We are excited to learn with the children and to embrace some of the fun games and activities that the scheme contains.


During the first few weeks we will be working on a whole school project based on Oliver Jeffers’ book ‘Here We Are’. This heartfelt and thought provoking book from Oliver Jeffers was inspired by the author’s desire to make sense of the world for his son. We have chosen this book as it provides ample opportunities for our children to reflect on and make sense of the world we are all living in. This project will allow your child to settle back into school life, but also give them a chance to voice any concerns they have about the world going forward.



Also this term we will be studying significant historical figures, thinking about objects around us that are living and non-living and how we know this and the different habitats that the living things survive in. In our phonics learning we will again be revisiting the key skills of blending and segmenting using letter sounds we know already, before moving on to introduce alternative letter sounds and alternative spellings and spelling rules. Currently in order to maintain a Covid safe work place reading books will not be sent home as has previously been done. Reading is as important as ever so please make sure you hear your children read regularly and we will have regular sessions in school as well.


PE will initially be on a Tuesday and we will endeavour to complete this outside as much as possible, so please make sure children have suitable, fitting footwear to wear for these lessons as well as the standard T-shirt, shorts or tracksuit bottoms.


As parents are currently not coming onto site it makes communicating with parents more challenging, so if you would like to speak to me then please initially ring the office and they will pass a message to me. Thank you.


I look forward to having a fantastic (uninterrupted) year!


Mrs Morrish


Kingfisher Class Teacher and Phase leader


Other adults who will be in class on occasions include Mrs McDuffus (teaching assistant), Miss Lawson (PPA teacher on Thursday morning or afternoon), Mrs Motak (learning mentor) and Mrs Bennett (speech and language support).


The BBC has a specific learning platform full of interactive games and videos for you to have a look at, which cover the whole curriculum. Make sure adults check any videos and games before you watch or play them. Remember you must always ask an adult before you go online. You will need to click on the link and then click on the resources for primary school aged children which can be accessed by parents and teachers and includes online lessons which can be filtered by age or curriculum subject. Feel free to have a look and take advantage of their resources.