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History project for Summer Term

Hi Kingfishers


Over the summer term we are going to be investigating famous historical explorers from around the world. I would like you to complete the following tasks:


  • Write a diary entry from the perspective of Robert Scott who explored the Antarctic. Think about what his travels were like and what he had to overcome. Write your diary entry either on the 2do set or into your English book. You could even draw a picture to go with your diary entry. 
  • Research your own explorer and create a fact file, presentation or leaflet on your chosen explorer. Perhaps you could choose an explorer either from your own country or from a country you have visited. 
  • Design your own memorial for your chosen explorer and consider why explorers are remembered today. A memorial could be a statue, a coin, a stamp, a fountain or many other things. Have a look at the PowerPoint about how explorers are remembered to help you. 
  • Imagine you are your own explorer and design your own island. Consider where in the world it is, what the habitat is like, what animals and foods you might find and perhaps even consider what is special about your island. You could design this either by using recycled materials, drawing and labelling your island or by using some of the publishing and creative tools on purple mash. 


It would be wonderful for you to share your work on the class blog so that we can celebrate each other's learning. 

Photos would be brilliant!