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Geography Project – 'All About Africa!'


As you know, our topic this term is ‘Safari’. In Geography we will be creating an information book on Purplemash that will include all the facts we have found out about Africa. There are 3 parts of the book; African Weather, African Animals and African Life. You can choose what order you do the parts of the book. I recommend that you use the resources below and write your sentences in your exercise books first. Then, your parents can help you type the sentences into your book on Purplemash.


Use all the resources that have been liked below. If you do find any addition resources, please email the year 1 team so that we can share with the rest of the class. Thank you! 

African Weather


Africa has many types of climates. There is a dry Savannah in the North, rainforest in the centre and more Grasslands in the South. You can focus on one of the areas in Africa. How much rainfall in the Savannah? What does this mean for the plants and animals that live there? Follow the links to see the weather in Kenya and the U.K. There is a map below that shows the rainfall and temperature in the U.K. and Kenya. Describe the differences and say how the climate has an effect on how people live.


African Animals


There are fact sheets and a presentation you can use at that give you information about all the animals that live in Africa. Use what you have already learnt about mammals and amphibians, as well as the work on ‘The Big 5’ to choose 3 African animals that you can describe. Write about their appearance (how many legs they have, if they have tusks, trunks or fur markings), their diet (whether they are carnivores, omnivores or herbivores), their habitat (where they live) and if they are endangered (in danger of becoming instinct). Use all the words that we have been learning during our Safari project.

African Life


Watch the videos below and look through the power point. How do you think the life of a child in Kenya is different to a child in the U.K? What is your daily routine? Think of the recount that we did at the start of this term. What happens in your day and how is this different to a Kenyan child? Look at their houses, schools and villages. What is different? What is the same?