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Friday 5th June 2020

Good Morning!


Maths - Today a puzzling shape challenge. It uses something called a tangram. A tangram is a puzzle that uses a collections of 2d shapes, and when they are put together in the right way they will form another 2d shape. This puzzle below is not easy and will require you to persevere. In this activity your challenge is to use the pieces to make a perfect square. The tangram print out is attached below BUT YOUR GROWN UP MUST PRINT IT AND CUT IT UP INTO THE 2D SHAPES BEFORE YOU START. Please send in photos of your completed puzzles to our email addresses. We would love to see them.


If you prefer to be interactive the following link gives you a game using tangrams (but it is very American)

English- Today we are going to recap different types of sentences using 'Lost and Found' as a basis for writing our own sentences. Attached is PowerPoint to remind you of the different sentence types and how they can be used. Use the story as basis to write your own sentences using the different sentence types. Remember to include exciting vocabulary choices. 



DT- Have a look at the DT project for the summer term and have a go at the first activity where you can learn about the different types of boats there are. Perhaps you could even do some of your own research and then present it in a leaflet or as a poster.