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Friday 27th March 2020

Friday 27th March


Maths: Click on the game ‘answers in steps of 10g’. You will be practicing counting in 10’s. How do we read the scale? What do we need to count in? Once you have had a go at the game, find some items in your house that you can weigh, if you have some weighing scales, and write in your home learning book how much they weigh. Don’t forget your g for grams.


English: You need to think of a menu for the witch's three meals. Using your knowledge of plural and singular nouns, write a list of what the witch would have for breakfast, lunch and dinner (e.g is it a spider or spiders?). You could even include an adjective for each item (e.g creepy spiders). Log into Purple Mash, in your 2Dos there will be a task called; Friday English - Witch Menu.


Reading: Join in worldwide by listening to one of David Walliams Stories at 11am.


Phonics: Log onto Purplemash and check your 2Dos. Play the game ‘ai alternate spelling game’. Can you put the correct spelling of the /ai/ phoneme to make the word correct?


Topic PSHE: Active lifestyles are where you are moving around as much as you can. Inactive lifestyles are where you are not moving around as much as you should be. Log onto Purplemash and log into your 2Dos and complete the sorting activity into active and inactive activities. Once completed, perform an active activity yourself, whether this is playing in your garden or having a go at one of the cosmic kids active yoga videos.