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Friday 24th April 2020

Friday 24th April 2020

English: Today we will be looking at all three books covered this week: Handa’s Surprise, We’re going on a lion hunt and For you are a Kenyan Child. When you log onto Purplemash, you will be required to think about the similarities and differences between these three books. Similarities are where things are the same across all three books and differences are where they are not same. For instance, the characters are not the same in each of the books – two of the books are girls for main characters, whilst the other one is a boy. Revisit the books again to refresh your memory to help you.


Maths: When we compare one number to another we say it is greater than >, less than < or equal to =, An easy way to remember this is to pretend that the symbol is a crocodile’s mouth. The crocodile always eats the number that is bigger. Choose two numbers from your 100 square to compare and write the correct symbol in the middle of them. For example, 34 > 10.


First, complete the 2do on Purplemash; 'Order Numbers'. Second, there is a 2do; 'More Than, Less Than and Equal To' activity to complete.


Reading: Look on Purplemash and complete the reading comprehension, 'Comprehension - Hippos'.


Phonics: Log onto Purplemash and complete the ‘Alternative spellings for /ai/’. Can you choose the correct spelling of /ai/ to complete the words?


PSHE: This term we will be exploring and thinking about how we can manage risk. Risk is the possibility that something might go wrong, someone might get physically or emotionally hurt or lose something. On Purplemash, I would like you to think about when you might feel you have to keep yourself safe and to think of ways in which we can keep ourselves safe.