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Friday 24th April 2020

Maths- Take time to practice your mathematical skills by completing the reasoning quiz. Work through the questions carefully remembering the different methods we can use to solve these different types of calculation. For addition use tens and units or partitioning, for subtraction use a number line to find the difference, for multiplication, use  a number line, arrays or your counting patterns, for division use a number line and say how many? are in? (12÷3 would be how many 3’s are in 12), for fractions also use division ( half of 8 would be 16÷2).  Remember to read the questions carefully. Do let us know what score you got and the questions you found tricky.

English – Take time to practice your comprehension and reading skills by having a go at this reading quiz. Remember to read the questions carefully  and look carefully at the text for answers. Look carefully at the important words  and remember to take your time. Ask an adult to mark your quiz and then do let us know your scores.

Guided Reading- Continue to complete your weekly guided reading tasks. Enjoy playing the games and keep practising your handwriting.

Art – Have a look at your art project which can be found on the website. Research the artists and over the next few weeks have a go at creating some examples that are either copied or inspired by the artist’s work.