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Friday 17th July 2020

Good Morning!


Maths - Today we would like you to answer multiple choice questions about addition and subtraction. Multiple choice means you have a choice of different answers but they are not all correct and you have to choose the correct one. There is a space on the quizzes to explain your answer. In here please write down why you chose your answer. Good Luck!

English-  Today we would like you to practice applying all your knowledge of spelling, punctuation and grammar with these challenges. See if you can break the code and find out who stole the trophy. Start with challenge one and make your way through. The answers are attached but no cheating. 


Guided Reading- Make sure you have completed your reading tasks  posted on Monday. 


DT/ Art-  Make sure you have finished your DT project and then if you have finished then I would like you to create a piece of Art/ DT that reflects your memories from year 2. This could be a picture, a 3D model or a collage. Attached are some ideas if you are stuck but do create your own.