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Friday 15th May 2020

Good Morning!

English - If you need to finish your Queen fact file please complete that today. If you have already finished your fact file then we would like you to identify and understand 4 different types of sentences.


Statement - giving information. They end in a .

Question - asking for or finding out some information. They end in a ?

Command - telling people to do something. They can end in a ! or a .

Exclamation - Remarking about something amazing or unusual. They end in a !


Look at the sheets below, read the sentences, think about what type of sentence it is and then underline the different sentence types in different colours. There is also a powerpoint below to help you, which contains activities for you to try when you watch it in slideshow mode. The sheets also contain the answers so no sneaky peeking!


Maths- Please have a go at this lesson where you will be reminded of how to give directions and what language to use. As a challenge perhaps you could create your own treasure map or maze where you have to give directions to find the rewards. I have attached an maze already drawn if you would prefer to just write some directions. Don;t forget to use key vocabulary such as forward,backwards,left,right, quarter turn, half term and three quarter turn. 


Guided Reading- Make sure you have completed all the activities from Monday.