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Friday 10th July 2020

Good Morning!


Maths - Today we will be working on missing number calculations. To work out the answer you will need to use the inverse operation. For example 15 + ? = 30. To work this out you will need to use the inverse of addition which is subtraction.This will give us 30 - 15 = ? Work out the answer carefully. Remember we use a number line to work out subtractions (lowest number at the beginning, biggest number at the end, jump to a friendly 10 and then continue to add tens and ones until you reach the end number, add the size of the jumps) and tens and units to work out additions. Have a go at some or all of the missing number calculations on the sheets attached below. Good Luck!

English- Today  we would like you continue  to use your notes from Wednesday to plan your persuasive piece of writing. Think about what arguments you are going use and what facts back up that argument. Think about how you are going to convince people of your view point. Think about a catchy title you can use to grab the readers attention. Remember to include lots of persuasive and emotive language to use when you write your persuasive writing next week. 

Guided Reading- Make sure you have completed your reading tasks  posted on Monday. 


DT-  Try and finish your boat and evaluation. If you have finished why don't you go and do some observational drawing outside. Pick something and look really closely at it. Look at the shape, lines and patterns within it.