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At St John's we promote and foster the development and mastery of every child's understanding of English; they will be given an opportunity to develop culturally, emotionally, socially and spiritually (in-line with the DfE Programme of Study for KS1 and KS2).  At St John’s, every child is an individual and the English curriculum we offer is tailored to account for this.  The National Curriculum provides opportunities for children to develop their handwriting, phonics understanding and spelling skills in a challenging way.  From EYFS to Year 6, our expectations are high. 

In Reading, we continue to empower children to read for pleasure and encourage every individual to learn how to read fluently with an understanding of comprehension to enable access to a wide range of texts.  In each year group, texts are chosen to develop and challenge our young readers and to promote a love of reading.  Our Guided Reading sessions, in every class, encourage independent thought and provoke questioning skills that are designed to enhance the childrens’ knowledge, understanding and reading skills.

In Writing, the emphasis at St John’s is very much on the child learning an extensive vocabulary through a range of texts.  Different writing activities are explored and expectations are high in all year groups to write clearly and to be technically accurate in grammar and punctuation.  Opportunities for children to become fluent speakers as well as writers are offered throughout the curriculum at St John’s.

The National Curriculum Programme of Study for English can be found below.