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Expect the Best




Read the chapter Walls Have Ears, look for the following words in context (that means in the sentences) Ruffling, exasperated, binoculars, squalls, riptides.


Listen to it here:


Do you understand all the words listed above? If you are not sure of any, look them up, use the clues in the sentences in the book to help you. Try writing your own sentences using these words, can you use the in conversation with the adults you live with, see if you can explain to them what they mean, or ask them if they can help you to understand their meaning.



What does the phrase "The Walls Have Ears" mean? Can you design a wartime poster showing this information?



Write a dream sequence where Olive sneaks up into Ephraim’s control room, only to find he has been knitting something she really didn’t expect to find…



Re-read the chapter and answer the Guided Reading Questions below.



Come up with your own secret code. If you can, obviously covid 19 dependant! Send your friend or someone in your family a message in your code, about who you think Ephraim is knitting socks for. Can they decipher it? Can they reply to you? How much help do you need to give them to read it? Is it harder than you think to come up with a code that it is possible to work out? Remember there needs to be a method to your code, the reader needs some chance of working it out, you are going to have to explain your code to them!