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Eagle Class

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Spring 2020

Class Teacher: Miss Sadler






During the Spring Term our learning will have strong cross-curricular links with Geography as well as current political issues. We shall be looking at a range of Non-Fiction texts as well as online sources to fully research our understanding of what 'Climate Change' means - with particular attention placed on renewable energy and plastic pollution. During this half term the children will be creating various forms of writing including a non-chronological report, a balanced argument and a persuasive letter.   

In Guided Reading we shall continue reading whole class texts that support our topic areas with directed questioning to support their understanding. This half term we will be completing Wolf Brother and starting Floodland.  


This term we will be revisiting long multiplication and division before exploring a range of fraction, decimal and percentage work. We will continue to ensure the children are embedding their understanding before considering more in depth problem-solving questions which will support them in the lead up to SATs. Our cross-curricular Maths will take place in Geography where the children will be required to read data tables and construct a line graph based on population figures as well as create an infographic to link with their understanding of climate change.


In Science we shall be combining our learning with DT where the children will design and complete a product that requires the use of complex electrical circuits. The children will learn the names and properties of the key components in a range of circuit types and then decide how to apply this to their design and construction of a quiz board. 


In Geography we will be studying the continent of North America, comparing its human and physical attributes with that of our local area. We will then look at the current issues surrounding Climate Change, consider what the major causes and effects are and what we can do to help. 



This half term PE will be on a Wednesday and a Friday outside so please make sure that appropriate clothing is brought in. 

PE kit should be in school all week and include a suitable pair of footwear that can be worn outside. Roll-on deodorant can be brought in and used however due to asthma sufferers aerosols are not allowed. 

Please note – children should not be wearing any jewellery other than a watch and/ or stud earring, both of which will need to be removed for P.E. lessons. If children are unable to remove their earrings they will not be able to participate in the lesson as adults are not permitted to remove them for the child.


Homework is sent home each Wednesday, and is due back the following Monday.