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DT project summer term

DT Project Summer 2

As we continue our topic of Let’s Go we would like you to design and make a boat using resources from home.  We would like your boat to float on water so think carefully about what materials you could use.

Below are some activities that you can complete to help you with making your boat as well as learning more about different types of boats.


  1. Look at the PowerPoint and pictures and research different types of boats. Create a leaflet or information poster about the different types of boats that you can find.
  2. Label the parts of the boat.
  3. Identify the best materials to use for your boat looking at what materials float and sink. Use different materials and objects from home to test whether they sink or float.
  4. Design your boat and sail thinking about an object you could include to sail with. E.g Plastic animal/figurine. I have attached a boat design sheet and a sail design sheet for you to use.
  5. Make your boat using resources from home
  6. Evaluate your design thinking what was successful about it, and what you might change, if you were to make a boat again.