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Chick Class

April 2021

Welcome back my lovely Chicks! smiley


I hope you had an enjoyable Easter break and stayed safe. I hope you ate lots of chocolate and managed some very important daily exercise.  Hopefully you are all rested and ready to return to our safe, clean environment at school and ready to to learn in every lesson. 


 Throughout this summer term we will be studying all things ANIMALS, including HUMANS!. We will be researching animals and their habitats for Science, learning animal behaviours for role play in English and importantly be finding out what (or who) they eat!

The children will write recounts of animal stories in English and will also use maps or the internet to locate animals in a specific region of a foreign country.


In maths we will be embedding our 2x, 5x and 10x tables and will also begin to answer worded number problems which require more thinking. We will also look more in-depth at shape, money and measures towards the end of the year.


In P.E we are currently learning different ways to travel or move with our bodies and this build up to an animal themed dance- possibly a song from The Lion King!  Please remember that our P.E sessions are on a WEDNESDAY morning and a full P.E kit is needed. Children must not come into school with any form of ear piercing(s) and long hair must be tied up. 


We still have our Year 1 email address ( but we understand it is sometimes easier to call or contact the office. We appreciate it must be hard but please only communicate with myself or school staff on the gate in emergencies only. We will contact you via phone call as soon as possible after school if an incident has happened or a conversation needs to take pace.


Thank you to everyone for their continued support in such a strange academic year- Stay safe and take care!


Mr Hall




January 2021

Happy New Year Chick Class! 


I'm sorry that our new year has been stopped before it has even started, but for our safety we are now using remote learning during this lockdown. 


Work will be posted onto google classrooms and there is a guide on how to access this below in case any of you have forgotten.


There is also a year 1 email address that parents/carers can access if they have any concerns or questions over the coming weeks. This will be checked during normal school hours by myself or Miss Dickenson.


Please stay safe and enjoy the home learning.


Mr Hall





September 2021

Welcome Back Chick Class!


My name is Mr Hall and I am new to the school and new to the surrounding area. I hope you have had a nice summer break and feel ready to begin a new school year. Despite the very rigorous routines and rules we have had to enforce as a school- I am incredibly excited to meet you all and welcome you back into the doors of St. Johns!


During the first few days in class we will explain the everyday routines to the children and encourage the children to wash their hands thoroughly and frequently. Parents and carers can help by making sure the students have clean clothes every day and only bring into school the essentials that they need, like a water bottle and a packed lunch (if they have one).


Our new behaviour policy will start immediately and we will make sure all the children are informed about the expectations of them and us, so we can work together to achieve a happy, calm working atmosphere. 



 PE will not initially be running during the first two weeks. After this period it will be on a Wednesday and we will endeavour to complete this outside as much as possible, so please make sure children have suitable, fitting footwear to wear for these lessons as well as the standard T-shirt, shorts or tracksuit bottoms.


As parents are currently not coming onto site it makes communicating with parents challenging.. so if you would like to meet me or speak to me then please contact the office and they will pass a message to me.


Thank you and I hope I can meet you all in person very soon!


Mr Hall

Chick Class Teacher