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Challenge 4

  • Challenge 4 will have the directional tools looking very different. You need to create a list (a set of instructions) of the directional tools as you start to use them. This list or set of instructions is known as an algorithm. You need to take Little Red Riding Hood to Grandmas using five sets of instructions. Drag a direction followed by a number into the first box on the list.
      • Which way does Little Red Riding Hood need to go first?
      • How many units forward does she need to go?

To test the first instruction click on the big Play button. If the instruction is wrong, you need to drag the instruction back to the directional tool list. Click on the rewind button to send the character back to the start again and try a new instruction.

You will need to keep testing each part of your instructions as you write them but don’t forget to keep sending Little Red Riding Hood back home before you press play.