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Chaffinch Class

Summer 2022 Knowledge organisers for; Art, History, Geography and Science.

Summer 2022


Welcome back after a well earned Easter break.  We have a busy term of learning prepared for you.


English we will be studying a book by Philip Pullman - The Firework-maker's Daughter.  We will have a go at writing biographies, instructions, explanations and story writing including dialogue.


In Maths we are focusing on using all our number procedures we have learned this year to approach word problems with 2 steps - so we have to work out what we need to do correctly.  We will also be measuring length, amounts of money, mass and capacity.  Fractions and shape will also be explored this term.


In other areas of the curriculum we have planned many knowledge rich lessons:

Science -we are looking at cycles in nature which includes the seasons, planting and animals.

Geography -Is giving us the opportunity to explore Western Europe and keep building upon our mapping skills, knowledge of rivers and landmarks as well as using geographical vocabulary.

History - we are building upon our knowledge of chronology and are now at the point that we have been invaded by the Normans and law and order in Britain changes because of the new ruler - Henry 11.  We will focus on the magna carter, holy wars and how this effected us.

Art and D.T - we are looking at the Architect and artist Antoni Gaudi.  The children are going to make clay friezes,as well as using cardboard to create symmetrical and asymmetrical structures from cardboard.

Music - we are listening and appraising music which will include 'Night on bare mountain' and use this to create our own musical scenes.

Computing - Using Purple Mash to teach this subject and are emailing and looking at graphing techniques.

Religious education - we are looking at Judaism.

French - we are using vocabulary to do with family and weekend activities.


On Mondays, we have P.E. We are swimming for the remaining of the term so please ensure they have a change of clothes and a towel. 


If you have any queries please speak to myself in the first instance or contact the office staff.


Miss Woodward 


Chaffinch Class Teacher and Phase leader


Other adults who will be in classroom include Miss Lawson (PPA teacher on Thursday morning or afternoon), Mrs Rodda, Mrs Allison, Miss Kennedy and Mrs Foreman.