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BBC Bitesize

Friday 15.05.20


Maths: Friday is challenge day on Bitesize Daily!


English: Using the book Charlie Changes Into a Chicken you will learn how to explain how the writer’s choice of words creates humour and to write in the style of an author.


Topic: Art and Design - In this lesson learn about how French painter Henri Rousseau used his imagination to paint places he had never visited, learn some basic artistic techniques and create your own artwork.

Thursday 14.05.20


Maths: Learn how to find the area of a shape by counting the squares within it.


English: To improve writing using proof reading skills.


Topic: DT - Learn the basics of designing and working to a design specification.

Wednesday 13.05.20


English: To write a diary entry based on a person in history.


Maths: Learn how to find the perimeter of a rectilinear shape.


Science: Explore the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates.

Tuesday 12.05.20


English: Using similes and metaphors.


Maths: The perimeter of a rectangle.


Geography: Latitude and longitude.


Monday 11.05.20


Maths: Multiplying and dividing problem solving.


English: Exploring recounts


History: What is Stonehenge?