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Barn Owl Class Home Learning

Welcome to Barn Owl Class

Class Teacher: Mrs Blake


Please note that for any home learning enquiries please email the Year 6 Team at:

Your e-mails will be responded to Mon-Fri between 8:50am and 3:20pm however please remember that we are now teaching during the day so may not be as prompt.


Thank you for all the fantastic learning that you have been doing this far, during your time away from school. As you know your tasks are now on the class pages on the school website, so you still have lots of learning to do, but just a different way to find and complete it. As we do not have access to your home computers, anything you would like to share with us needs to be either emailed through purple mash or emailed (even by taking a screen shot or a photo) to the Year 6 email address. Whatever is the easiest way for you to do this is fine by us.

Best wishes and we are still missing you all,

Mrs Blake and Miss Sadler


Please remember the E-Safety and Eco School activities that are loaded below.

If you are stuck for ideas with this week's writing task then look here

Answers to the SPAG and Maths work sent home in exercise books