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Barn Owl Class

Welcome to Barn Owl Class

Autumn 2019

Class Teacher: Mrs Blake



During the Autumn Term our learning will have strong cross-curricular links with both History and Science. We shall be looking at and writing detective narratives (with a Sherlock Holmes novel as a focus text), creating explanation texts based on the children's knowledge and understanding of the heart as well as taking part in performance poetry.

In Guided Reading we shall be working in mixed groups to develop key reading skills, ensuring that the children understand different question formats and the skills required to answer them.  


This term we will be refreshing the children's knowledge and understanding of place value; working on formal written methods for addition and subtraction; as well as recapping and extending their ability to find the perimeter and area of shapes. Our cross-curricular Maths will take place in History and help to support their knowledge of place value through the use of timelines.


In Science we shall be investigating the circulatory system where the children will learn the function of the heart and the key scientific terminology involved.


In History we will be studying Crime and Punishment. This unit will look at different types of crime and punishment in a range of historical periods (primarily from 1066 to present day) which will prompt reflection on the nature of society at the time as well as modern day. We will be taking a trip to the Cromwell Museum early in the term as we will initially be focussing on Oliver Cromwell and the background of the English Civil War.



On Wednesday and Thursday afternoons the children will take part in PE sessions. Wednesdays will be outdoor activities so please ensure the children have appropriate kit for the time of year.

PE kit should be in school all week and include a suitable pair of footwear that can be worn outside. Roll-on deodorant can be brought in and used however due to asthma sufferers aerosols are not allowed. 

Please note – children should not be wearing any jewellery other than a watch and/ or stud earring, both of which will need to be removed for P.E. lessons. If children are unable to remove their earrings they will not be able to participate in the lesson as adults are not permitted to remove them for the child.




In Art we shall be sketching and looking at drawing figures in proportion as well as while they are in motion. 



Homework is sent home each Wednesday, and is due back the following Monday.