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Art – African Art


Following our topic this term of ‘Safari’, in Art we have created three activities for you to choose from. You can choose only one to do or all three, it’s your choice. Once you have finished, it will be lovely if you could email your works of Art to the Year 1 email or upload it straight to our Chicks blog on Purplemash. Alternatively, if you do not have the resources at home, there are some creative activities to complete on Purplemash. These will be under your 2dos.  This project will be continuing for the next 3 weeks, so you do not have to do all the activities at once. 

African Animal Sunset


Look at some of the images that show the sunset and sunrises in Africa. What colours are there? Can you see how they shade into each other? Create a sunset with a medium of your choice; paint, chalks, colouring pencils, felt tips or tissue paper. Next, using black card or printing out one of the pictures, you want to cut out an image of an African animal. Use one of the animals below or your own. You will have to ask an adult to help you with this part. Finally, you will need to stick your animal ‘silhouette’ onto your sunset/sunrise.

Here are some resources to help you. The videos are not supposed to be followed step-by-step. It will be easier to cut out an image of an animal to glue over the sunset.

African Musical Instrument


Watch the video; and, these  are traditional African instruments. How is the person playing the instruments? What could they be made from? These are both ‘percussion’ instruments. What could ‘percussion’ mean? (Percussion instruments are instruments that you can shake, hit or pluck.) Traditional African instruments are made from things people could find around them. What does this tell you about where people live and what their lives might be like? We will be making an instrument similar to the traditional instruments you have seen: an instrument that you can shake, hit or pluck. The three instruments that you can choose to make are linked below. After creating your instrument you could decorate the outside with a traditional African pattern.

African Pattern


You can create your own piece of art based on African shapes and patterns. On a blank piece of paper/card,  draw different designs. Think about colours, layout, how the pattern might repeat? Limit the number of shapes you use to only 2/3 – squares, circles, diamonds, rectangles, stripes. Do these with crayons, or coloured pencils. You may want to limit the choice of colours that you use – orange, blue, yellow, brown. Look at the images for inspiration. You could split the paper into 4 to create different designs.