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Red Kite Class

Red Kites Class

Spring 2019

Welcome to Year 5!
In Red Kites, you will find Mrs ap John (Class Teacher) and Mrs Holt (PPA teacher, Wednesday morning).

Topic: Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

During the first half term, we will be learning about Anglo Saxons, where they came from and what their daily lives were like. We will have the opportunity to investigate how life has changed over time in our area and to compare the lives of the Anglo Saxons to their contemporaries, the Vikings as well as to other peoples through history.

During the first part of this term, we will be studying different types of poem. We will be collaborating to write a class poem to perform based on the topic of "play"; we will then continue to develop our poetry reading and writing skills as the term progresses through our study of classical narrative poetry. We will combine some lessons with ICT to produce a filmed version of a narrative poem.

This term, we will be looking at Roman numerals, shape and continuing to practise our multiplication and division skills. During geometry based lessons, we will be investigating properties of shape, nets and angles. We will be aiming to increase our use of technical Maths vocabulary and working on breaking down word problems into simple steps.


During the first half term, we will be studying the French artist Seurat and the style of pointillism. Pupils will design their own picture to be completed using this technique. We will also be using clay to create our own historical artefacts and, later in the term, learning about bread baking in connection with our Vikings/Saxons topic. 

This term in Year 5 will be going swimming every Wednesday morning. All children will require: a towel and swimwear, goggles and swim hats are optional but encouraged.  

Red Kites will also have a school-based P.E. lesson on Tuesday afternoons.

Long hair should be tied back. While children should not be wearing any jewellery other than a watch and/or stud earrings, both of which will need to be removed for P.E. lessons. 


Children who wear earrings must remove them for PE. If they are unable to do this themselves, they have to be taken out at home prior to coming into school. Tape is not allowed to be used due to health and safety. 


If the children are unable or have forgotten to take out their earrings, they are not allowed to take part physically but they can be given different jobs around the PE lesson such as observations of class performances, taking pictures, writing about the key points for the particular skill you are focusing on during that lesson.

This term we will continue to study Christianity, its practice through history and today. During the first half term, our focus will be on the People of God. During the second half term as we draw closer to Easter, we will be working on the theme of Salvation.

This term we will be investigating the art of film-making and using various apps and programmes to help us to make our own films.

Linked to our English narrative poetry topic, we will be studying several different ballads, investigating the rhymes, rhythm and repeating musical phrases which help to make a song flow. 

We will be reflecting on the importance of team work and working collaboratively in the first half term. During the second half term we will consider financial capability and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



During the first half term we will continue with our study of forces, including the effects of gears and leavers, magnetism and air resistance. Later in the term, we will shift our focus to studying properties of materials. 

Homework is set each Tuesday and due each Monday.

We ask that pupils this term learn a poem to recite to their peers at the end of the term. All pupils will be given a time slot and told in advance when they are to perform their poem so that they have adequate time to prepare. Pupils may write their own poem or recite one that they admire by another author. There is a document at the bottom of this page with examples of poems that they might like to try.

All children are expected to do private reading at home and also to practise their spellings and multiplication tables. In each homework jotter, there is a list of the statutory year 5/6 spelling words. These should be learnt independently across the year in addition to spelling rules set as homework. There will be a weekly spelling and maths test which is held on Monday. Pupils should record what they have read each evening in their homework diaries and bring this with them to school each day to be checked. 
In the children's homework books there is a set of tasks for them to do weekly- their homework books must be brought into class each week to be marked.

If you ever feel you need to speak to me about your child or about his/her education, please find me at the end of the day, or send a letter into school with your child, and I will be happy to speak to you.
Mrs ap John


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