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Puffin Class

In Puffins class you will find:

Mrs Shepherd (Class teacher)
Mrs Blake (Class teacher)
Lyndsey Farrant (Learning assistant)
Regan Gaston (Learning assistant)

Summer term 2018

We hope you have all had a refreshing half term and are raring to go for the last half term of the school year. As always, we have lots of exciting learning to look forward to. We are excited about embarking on a new topic this half term –The Maya! This topic will seep into many aspects of the children's learning and hopefully again inspire their creativity.

As the children head towards Year 4, we are looking forward to seeing their continued determination in learning and a kind and caring attitude towards each other.


This half term starts with a continuation of addition and subtraction followed by a visit to fractions and decimals, properties of shape and money. Maths as always will creep into other curriculum subjects, especially science and computing. It is extremely important you help to support your children’s learning through regular times table practice as these number facts are so useful in many different areas of maths learning. The Puffins will have a weekly session on a MONDAY where they will be tested on their focus times table as well as have opportunities to sharpen up their skills.


In English we will start the half term with a visit to the world of poetry. During our journey of discovery, the children will find become completely immersed in all sorts of poetry styles. They will learn about some common features that exist in many forms of poetry as well as exploring the more unusual forms. At the end of our work on poetry, they will get a chance to use their newly acquired skills and become poets themselves. We will finish the school year by comparing a book and film – The Jungle book. This fits in nicely with our topic of the Maya.


The children are expected to read at home on a daily basis using books that they have chosen to read for enjoyment. Please support your child by sharing their chosen book with them every night and encourage them to change their books in the school library. Over the next half term we are going to continue our handwriting drive as this seems to be going well. We are looking to improve overall standards of presentation, concentrating on letter shapes and joins in particular. The children will hopefully be practicing handwriting every day in class.


Other subjects


PSHE – This half term the children will be take part in SRE (Sex and relationship education).


Art and DT – We will be embarking on a artist study looking at the work of Henri Rosseau.

Music – We will be skilling up in our musicianship skills and will all have a chance to learn how to play the ocarina.


Science – On the first day of this half term we will be going on a trip to the Cambridge Botanical Gardens to kick start our science topic - Plants including parts, lifecycle and requirements for life.



RE – In RE we will be continuing to explore the Jewish faith.



Please note Puffin PE lessons will be on Wednesday and Thursdays


For all P.E activities children should remove watches and/ or stud earrings for P.E. lessons. If children are unable to remove their earrings, they will need to cover them with tape. We are not permitted to remove a child’s earrings or apply the tape; the children need to be able to do this independently. Long hair must be tied back.


Maths homework will be given out on a Friday and needs to be returned on Friday. Times tables will be tested on a Tuesday.
Spelling homework will be given out on a Friday and needs to be returned on Friday. The children will be tested on this day.

Please see the homework page for weekly homework tasks.