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Falcon Class

Falcons Class

Autumn Term

Welcome to Year 5.
In Falcons, you will find Mrs Maginnis (Class Teacher) and Mrs Holt (PPA teacher – Tuesday morning).


Topic: Our Local Area/Space

During the first half term, we will be learning about our local area and researching how it has changed over time. We will have opportunities to look at maps, local buildings, local historic figures and to investigate rivers, including the Great Ouse. After the October half term, we will move on to Space as our primary topic, considering life as an astronaut and our place within the universe.

We will be studying the novel Tom's Midnight Garden by Phillipa Pearce. We will practise our reading comprehension skills, with an emphasis on inference. We will also be looking at a range of non-fiction texts in relation to our topic work and, after the half-term break, investigating the genre of science fiction. In our writing, we will learning to adapt our style for according to the purpose of the text.

Maths is always a busy subject! This term we will be looking at place value to the millions, using formal written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as studying fractions and measure. Our aim is to build our resilience in Maths so that we can solve more complex problems involving all four operations.


During the first half term, we will be learning to use a sketchbook to collate ideas and examples or as a planning resource for other areas of the curriculum. We will be looking at creating shade and tone within our pictures. After the half term holiday, we will be investigating cam mechanisms and applying our knowledge to create our own toy. 

This term in Year 5 we will be practising our dance and gymnastic skills. Our PE day will be every Wednesday.

Long hair should be tied back. While children should not be wearing any jewellery other than a watch and/or stud earrings, both of which will need to be removed for P.E. lessons. 


Children who wear earrings must remove them for PE. If they are unable to do this themselves, they have to be taken out at home prior to coming into school. Tape is not allowed to be used due to health and safety. 


If the children are unable or have forgotten to take out their earrings, they are not allowed to take part physically but they can be given different jobs around the PE lesson such as observations of class performances, taking pictures, writing about the key points for the particular skill you are focusing on during that lesson.

Our topic this term is Christianity. In the first half term we will focus on how Christianity is practised in other parts of the world, looking in particular at Christianity in Vellore in India. In the run-up to Christmas, we will be investigating the incarnation and considering the evidence for Jesus being the Messiah.

We will be learning how to stay safe online and how to use technology responsibly. In the second half term, we will be looking at what the internet actually is and how it works.

This term, we will be listening to the works of some famous classical composers linked to our topic work, such as Gustav Holst and Bedrich Smetana. 

In this first term, we will consider what it means to belong to a group and the importance of family and friends. In conjunction to this, we will investigate ways to discourage bullying.



Linked to our topic work in both half terms, we will be investigating the life cycles of animals and plants, properties of materials and forces. 

Homework is set each Wednesday and due each Monday.

All children are expected to do private reading at home and also to practise their spellings and multiplication tables. In each homework jotter, there is a list of the statutory year 5/6 spelling words. These should be learnt independently across the year in addition to spelling rules set as homework. There will be a weekly spelling and maths test which is held on Monday. Pupils should record what they have read each evening in their homework diaries and bring this with them to school each day to be checked. 
In the children's homework books there is a set of tasks for them to do weekly- their homework books must be brought into class each week to be marked.

If you ever feel you need to speak to me about your child or about his/her education, please find me at the end of the day, or send a letter into school with your child, and I will be happy to speak to you.

Mrs Maginnis


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