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SATS Revision Websites

The links below can be used to help you revise each curriculum area in preparation for the SATS tests.  These are not the only sites that can be used, there are many more that can be found online, but they are somewhere for you to start. 

Websites and online games should not be used as the only revision tool.  Use them in conjunction with your CGP Question Books and weekly homework tasks.  Remember to ask if you have any questions or anything you are unsure of.


Maths Revision Sites


Reading Revision Sites


Spelling Revision Sites


Grammar Revision Sites

Homework Guidelines


Homework Tasks: Homework will usually be handed out on a Tuesday and is due back the following Monday.  Homework sheets should be stuck into homework books, apart from spelling and multiplication grids.  Presentation should be neat and writing done in either pencil (for Maths tasks) or blue or black handwriting pen.  Spare homework sheets are kept in the classroom and available to download from the website. It is your responsibility to ensure you have completed all homework tasks and handed them in on time.  



Reading: All children have a reading record and are expected to read every day for approximately 20 minutes.  Reading Records should be filled in to reflect the reading that has been done at home.  Reading Records will be checked on a regular basis.