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Barn Owl Class

Welcome to Barn Owls class!

Summer 2018

Class Teacher: Miss Broadbent

Year 6 Interventions: Mrs Blake

PPA Teacher: Mrs Holt


During the final term of the year we shall be placing an emphasis on the children's writing skills looking at a range of different genres each week in June for example: newspaper reports, narrative and playscripts. Although the children have completed their SATs exams they are still assessed to a National Level for writing by their class teacher. Teacher assessments are required by the end of June and these form a part of their overall combined SATs mark. We aim to ensure that the children have several pieces of high quality work to join those that they have already completed throughout the year, offering the opportunity for a fair assessment of their independent writing abilities. 


This half term we shall be looking at the children's reasoning skills and encouraging them to work individually, in pairs or in groups to solve a range of mathematical problems. Problem solving will enable them to recap skills that have been taught to them throughout their time at St John's while encouraging them to think outside the box - skills that they will need in High School.


Science and DT will be combined together for a Science Week once the writing assessments are complete. The focus will be electrical circuits with aim to create an item that uses electrically powered lights, sound or movement as a part of the design.



This half term we shall be studying the historical significance of the Shang Dynasty in China. We shall study the culture and people through artefacts and resources and consider how this fits into their existing knowledge of world history. 


On Monday mornings we are lucky enough to have the Huntingdon School Sports Partnership lead our PE sessions which will have a focus on team building and group work; additionally on Wednesday afternoons the children will practice their athletics skills in the lead up to Sports Day.

PE kit should be in school all week and include a suitable pair of footwear that can be worn outside. Roll-on deodorant can be brought in and used however due to asthma sufferers aerosols are not advised. 

Please note – children should not be wearing any jewellery other than a watch and/ or stud earring, both of which will need to be removed for P.E. lessons. If children are unable to remove their earrings they will not be able to participate in the lesson as adults are not permitted to remove them for the child.


In ICT the children will be looking at networking. 




In Art the children will be considering the nature of colour and how different shades can create depth and perspective within a picture.


Homework is sent home each Tuesday, and is due back the following Monday. The children are expected to practice their spellings and times tables (which are tested on a Monday) and complete an English and Maths focussed task.